To work correctly, your TomTom Sports Watch continuously captures and stores information while you use it. This includes information about where you are and other information, such as heart rate, step rate, etc. When you attach your Sports Watch to your PC, the information can be uploaded to TomTom and its partners to enable the advanced features of this site. We need your permission for that. Below you can read for what features and purposes you can allow us to use your information. You can change these settings at any time and we will act accordingly.


By registering with your name and email address you will receive support, be able to participate in our user forums and be able to download software updates. None of the information captured on your Sports Watch will be uploaded, unless you also select one or more of the options below.


The information captured on your Sports Watch will automatically be uploaded each time you connect your Sports Watch to your PC. You will be able to view it in various reports and graphs, showing your progress and results. You can also view where you have been on a map. We will also create statistics and rankings, by using your information, including your gender, weight, height and age, together with the information from other users. You will be able to compare your performance and progress with your peer group and others. If you want to, you can also allow other to follow your progress and results.


We will use your information to help us improve our products and services, but only after we have made sure it is not linked to you in any way. These products and services include the Sports Watch itself, as well as maps and statistical or aggregated information. You can disable this option in the MySports Connect settings.$lineBreak#$lineBreak#TomTom uses software to collect information about how you use the TomTom software. This usage information is processed in the USA to create general usage statistics and to improve the user experience and our services. The usage information that TomTom collects does not contain location information or information that you have entered. The TomTom software also sends diagnostic information, for example if the app crashes, which includes information that identifies your device, to Crashlytics. The diagnostic information is subject to the Crashlytics privacy policy, which can be found here: The collected diagnostic information is processed in the USA and used by TomTom to improve the TomTom software. You can choose to send usage and diagnostic information or to stop sending this information at any time by changing the settings or preferences in the TomTom software on your device.$lineBreak#


We will also use your information to provide you with tips and suggestions based on your individual activities and results. They are meant to improve the way you exercise and your performance. They can also contain suggestions to purchase additional products or services. You can opt out of our mailings in the MySports settings.


To provide you with the services related to your Sports Watch, TomTom uses partners and subcontractors. These include MapMyFitness for viewing, comparing, sharing, to receive tips and suggestions and to improve the services. Google and OpenStreetmap are partners providing some of the mapping services.


TomTom and our partners and subcontractors have taken adequate security measures to protect your information from unauthorized access. Some of these partners and subcontractors are located outside the EU. We have contractually bound them to provide a level of protection of your data according to European data protection legislation and they take full responsibility and accountability for this.$lineBreak#TomTom and our partners will not give anyone else access to your information or use it for any purpose other than those agreed with you, unless explicitly and lawfully ordered to do so following due legal process.$lineBreak#If you think that your information is not being used for the purpose for which you have provided it to TomTom, contact us at$lineBreak#See our privacy policy at


TomTom uses your account to grant you access to downloadable content, services you are subscribed to, software upgrades and sections of our website which need registration. We also use your account when you want to purchase additional items. What options exist depend on the software and device you use.$lineBreak#To create your account, as a minimum you need to provide your name and email address, and choose a password. For some features you need to provide your address, phone number, gender, age, height and weight. TomTom advises you to keep your$lineBreak#account details confidential and use a password that you do not use elsewhere.$lineBreak#We will use your email address occasionally to send information related to the products and services registered to your MySports account. We will only do this if there are updates you need to be aware of to ensure you can use your product in a safe and reliable way without interruption, or if there is a legal requirement to contact you.$lineBreak#Using your account, you can also subscribe to the TomTom News email, which provides the latest news, product information and special offers from TomTom and others we select. You can opt-out of receiving the TomTom News email at any time by clicking on the appropriate link in the emails you received or changing your preference in the MySports settings.